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Green Web Host

The ICT industry has been growing rapidly globally and, so its carbon footprint. I’ve briefly written about how encouraging the use of green web host(s) can eliminate such carbon footprints from the environment.

Data Centers

There are so many websites, online applications that are used every day. Those websites feed data to the users, from huge servers (data centers) located in different parts of the world. Those data centers need to stay ON 24/7 and consume a huge amount of energy as they process and feed data every moment.

Those data centers are run by electricity that is produced from various non-renewable sources (coal, nuclear energy, etc.). They leave a lot of carbon footprints on the atmosphere.

There are very few data centers that are currently using clean energy in every process to leave the least possible carbon footprint (by using renewables such as hydropower electricity, solar energy, etc.)

The web servers or the host that are run by clean energy are also known as the green web hosts. In this way, the harm to nature can be controlled to an impactful extent.

Even though the carbon footprint left by the ICT industry contributes only 4% of total carbon emissions, it still can’t be ignored because the emissions by the ICT are double the emissions by the aviation industry (2%).

Tech giants about the environmental impact

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have pledged to go carbon neutral by 2030. It will take more effort than that to make the planet cleaner and greener. Let’s contribute in the way we can.

For more: Visit Green Geeks, Google Sustainability Plan, A planet-size plan

My Favourite Green Web Host

I have used several web hosting services that were not environment-friendly. But, as I came to know that Green Web Hosts can also be equally affordable as any other hosting, I was stunned.

The one that I have used and felt very convenient in hosting the websites is GreenGeeks. It has various packages that can suit you for WordPress, Reseller, VPS, or any other hosting of your need.

Apart from any of these, what I love the most is the support. They provide really good instant support on whatever queries you may have via chat.

Click here to get the suited package for you on GreenGeeks.

Take a step by hosting your websites on green hosts, or thank you already if you are planning to make the shift.





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