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Democracy is at stake

Our beloved prime minister (KP Sharma Oli) wants to stay as a prime minister. I don’t see any problem with that. His willingness to serve the people of the country is a good thing for everyone.

But, how badly he wants to stay as a prime minister is concerning to me.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has clearly abused his power and has done horrible things against the constitution of Nepal to stay in the power.

This is not only harming the present political scenario, but it will also plant the seed for those who want to slaughter the democracy.

I’ve been happy about how he had been leading us, even though there were some disappointments along the way. I’m okay with a few hiccups because he obviously had his own priorities.

His leadership took a disastrous turn when he planned to dissolve the house of representatives after he knew that he might not be the prime minister anymore. He also convinced our president Vidya Devi Bhandari to take part in it as a puppet by making her agree to this unethical and unlawful action.

The Prime minister seems to forget the core value of the office he held: that he is a temporary occupant like everyone else.

Our prime minister not seeing anyone else fit for the office is also an example of him looking down on others.

In an speech, our prime minister once said: कुम हल्लाएकाे चिन्न जानेकाे छ हाम्राे न्यायालयले।

Really? I mean, is that how just works? Anywhere?!

This is him clearly admitting that the department of justice can’t go against me.

To cut it short, whatever the prime minister has attempted is against the constitution of Nepal and the leadership that comes along by squandering the democracy and the constitution can suffocate the ones who have a love for the nation and respect for the constitution of Nepal.

This can only lead to civil unrest for the years and years to come.

I know that you must have a lot of love and respect for our prime minister. So do I. And you feel like you can compromise anything for him, to have him lead us. I understand. It may take some time for us to find the right person to lead us. But, it can put every one of us in deep regret for not speaking out when our democracy is suffocating.

I urge every reader to make their voice heard for this disgraceful action that can take our country backward. It is not a healthy legacy. There will be a good leader someday. But, never this way. Definitely, not the one who has no respect for the constitution and the one who can play with the department of justice. We don’t need anyone who cares more about himself than the core value of the nation.

Someone has grabbed our democracy by the throat. And it is suffocating. Please, don’t let your silence encourage him.






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