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Health Insurance in Nepal

Health services in a country reflect a lot about how happy the citizens are.

There are several countries, despite having a good GDP, citizens are unable to have a better Medicare facility. Even if some have all the facilities, the citizens may not be able to afford them. Unexpected expenses can severely impact the normal life of a citizen.

Fortunately, in Nepal, even though we have a lot of problems to fix, Medicare facilities seem to improve at an unprecedented rate.

Expenses on Health Insurance

The government has recently launched a Health Insurance policy that is tremendously cheap and affordable for every citizen. For NPR. 700 rupees one can get their health insured. For a family of five, it costs NPR. 3,500 per year.

The individual doesn’t need to spend a penny to see the doctor at present. Even the medicines that are manufactured in Nepal are free of cost. Any services of the hospital that are utilized by the patient are free of cost. If the patient has to go through an unexpected surgery or operation, the patient doesn’t need to worry at all. Because health insurance can have them covered.

Which hospital to go?

There are certain conditions though. Not all hospitals provide these Medicare facilities to the patients. The hospitals that provide services for the Health Insurance card are:

  • All the government hospitals
  • A few private hospitals

There is also a limitation on how much a patient can spend on the medicine. An individual can spend up to 1 lakh rupees for a year.

Having these services can help many individuals to benefit from the facilities. It can be beneficial for people of all types of economic statuses.

If you are in Nepal and if you haven’t insured your health yet, I highly recommend you do so. You can contact the individual from your ward who will take your photograph and some details from the citizenship with NPR. 700, then you are done. A few weeks later you will receive an insurance card and you can visit the hospital without worrying about the money in the wallet. But, the Health Insurance card is a must.

Contact to know more

You can call on 16600111224 (toll-free) to know more about the health insurance services.

If you are unable to find the person who you can contact to get you signed up for this service you can give a quick call to the district office or provincial office or your municipality office. They can guide you through. You can also find the toll-free numbers and other contact information on this website.

As of today, more than 37 lakhs of people have insured their health. Out of which, 4 lakhs people are from Jhapa (maximum), 2.9 lakhs from Sunsari, and also 2.9 lakhs from Chitwan.

Gender-wise insurees of provinces

More data here

Get your family’s health insured. Be safe from unexpected expenses on medicine and health. Spread the word.






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