Elon and Bill’s Feud

If you are getting dragged into the internet feud between Elon and Bill, it is crucial to understand the subtle difference between their vision for the green future.

Bill Gates has already received plenty of endorsements and has been innovating green technology rapidly with his Breakthrough Energy with the involvement of so many billionaires.

On the other hand, Elon Musk has already accomplished and done much to fight climate change with Tesla Motors and Tesla Solar.

The recent (rumored) chats between Bill and Elon reveal that Bill is not showing much appreciation for Tesla. To my best understanding yet, it is because Elon doesn’t even consider the use of (cleaner) hydrogen fuel in the EVs and has been dismissive about it several times before. Maybe because he already has done so much to revolutionize the battery tech. Obviously, Bill can’t stand this.


All the growing (mostly chaotic) followers of Elon have to understand that Bill’s book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”, is not just for the youths to understand how we can transition towards a cleaner and sustainable future. But it also is a lesson to all the politicians about how they can build a political campaign around it so that they can maximize the consumption of green energy within the country to scale the economic growth. Shout out to Kulman Ghising!

I hope the politicians in Nepal are open to understanding this basic foundation of Breakthrough Energy to transition us towards a more exciting greener future.






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