Dear teenagers, this is for you

This is one of the most difficult phases of your life. Because I have been through it.

This is when a lot of mental stress and insecurity flourishes in you. It is important to learn how to dodge the problems if you can’t face them. Life will teach you bit by bit how to tackle all the problems, but don’t let the problems consume you when you are not ready.

When you need people around you the most, you will be called rude and pushed away the most in this phase.

A little 17 years old girl committed suicide nearby my village. And, that shivers my heart.

Our country hasn’t learned how to help teenagers, yet. Our society will often call teenagers rude and maniacs, but even teenagers don’t know how many physical and chemical changes are going through them.

I’m not a doctor to give you the minor details of what mental problems you may face. But, just like another human being, I can sense what you are going through.

One day, the world will look up to you, because, you are the future. There couldn’t be a single reason to end your future before it even starts.

We all adults have been through this, but only you have to deal with the new problems that we didn’t even face: social media. We didn’t have to deal with the overwhelming information. There’s way too much noise and chaos here. I would always recommend you to keep as much distance as possible from it.

It is so traumatizing and there’s always so much information floating around all the time that you don’t even need to know now.

Dear parents

If you are a parent reading this, please put your time and effort into learning about the new ways of parenting because the world has changed a lot.

The same rules that could be applied before, can’t be applied now.

When I was young, our parents often prepared us to ignore the people who could talk filthy words even when we were going out to buy a few groceries.

That is not the case now. Your child can be getting so much information from the digital devices at your home, that may not contain any level of accuracy or truthfulness.

It is not very easy to obtain the right information when so much wrong is floating around.

Please, don’t let your child consume a lot unless he learns to consume.

Every once in a while please ask your child if he/she is doing alright or not. Let them know that it is okay to make mistakes. Please, listen to them before it’s too late.

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