नेपालकाे राजनैतिक भविष्य | The future of Nepalese politics

There’s an upcoming election in Nepal for the province level and the national level officials.

The last election that was held a few months ago completely changed the direction of politics in Nepal. This has not only worried the smaller parties, but all the big parties are scared about how the public is going to vote in the upcoming election.

The last general election elected more than 20 candidates from the “independent” category from the various metropolitan cities, municipalities, and rural municipalities for various positions.

Even the possibility of the changes coming to this small scale is frightening to the big political parties: Congress, NCP (UML), and NCP (Maoist). Because the candidates that have won the independent seats as mayors and deputy mayors are so much appraised for their ongoing work so far.

Even though there have been several controversial actions by these victors but, they always have been overwhelmingly supported by the entire nation for the good in the long run.

The two most popular elected officials, who also have been dragged into some personal feuds but despite that, they have been doing amazing work from their offices are Balen Shah and Harka Sampang.

From: Nepal Live

Balen Shah

Balen Shah is the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan city. He is well known for his transparent work scheme from the very beginning. He has been reporting every action to the public and taking very much controversial actions which definitely has divided his supporters.

Despite the ongoing feuds with Harka Sampang, he has been successful in taking down the illegally constructed business places in the metropolitan city. Still, a long way to go.

He has taken some crucial actions to manage the pollution of the metropolitan city. We don’t see the solution right away but it is good to know that the actions are being taken in the right direction.

It can take a while until we can see all these resolved with a proper system in the run.

The supporters and the media reporters with a political inclination toward the parties have tried to slam them and destroy the fame of independent victors. Sadly, they have failed so many times mercilessly.

Every time the overwhelming support of the public has left those reporters to dust.

Even the media channels don’t dare to slam the independently elected officials as they seem to rise in popularity at this unprecedented scale.

Nepal seems to be united to support and fight the political division which has crumpled the progress in the past few years and decades.

The increased corruption and political control have reached an extraordinary level. The people of Nepal seem to be fed up with the devotion that the leaders have to carry out for their parties even after they win. Oftentimes, the elected officials put the parties before the nation and their judgment goes straight against the people of Nepal.

This seems to go in the right direction now.

Harka Sampang

Harka Sampang is mayor of the Dharan sub-metropolitan city. He has struggled for several years before he ran for public office. He took several bold decisions to win the hearts of the Dharan people.

His friendliness and helpful nature and bold actions gave him an amazing victory.

Harka Sampang has been taking so many actions for the goodwill of the Dharan people. His plan to bring the water to the homes of Dharan has been successful so far.

He has been an amazing activist for the “Go Green” mission in Dharan. Harka has conducted several plantation programs to greenify Dharan.

This has encouraged the whole youths from the entire nation to take the action to make the forestation better.

He has promised a good development of the physical infrastructure of Dharan and has been able to work well on that.

Both these two victors have received unrivaled support from various politicians from several parties.

The Future

Candidates of the political parties spend a lot of money on election campaigns. They pour a lot of money to secure their victories. But, that doesn’t seem to work in the upcoming election.

The past losses of the corrupt money had shown devastating losses.

People seem to realize the better options and have felt the revolution that is about to happen.

This is for good.

The fear can be sensed. The feel is not the same as it used to be before.

The trust in the political parties has decreased greatly.

The future looks promising and better can be expected for the political future of Nepal.






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