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India-Nepal border incident | Sikti

I returned back safely as I wanted to. Before that, I got involved in an incident at the India-Nepal border. Time: 2021/07/23 – about 9:30 AM, for 15 mins (approx.)

I had parked my bike, where I always used to. It was in between the India-Nepal border. If you’d do the precise maths, you could tell the bike is in Nepal. But, still at the no man’s land. After a bit of work from Sikti, Bihar, India, I returned to my bike. And, all the crazy incidents started.

I had a small plastic bag in my hand. By the time I reached the bike, I was surrounded by about 12 border patrol officers. They had long sticks in their hand. And all of them had so many things to say, which were not very pleasant to hear.

“लाठी पकड़, झाड़ी साफ कर”

“हवा खोल इसका”

“चल यह ले झाड़ू और साफ कर ये सब कचरा”

“बाइक कहां पर पार्क किया है मालूम है तुझको?”

“आधार कार्ड है क्या तुम्हारे पास?”

“जल्दी पकड़, और जब तक यह सारा कचरा साफ नहीं होगा तब तक यहां से हिलना नहीं मिलेगा”

And some more things that I can’t write here.

People from nearby were all staring at me. “O, poor boy. This must be his worst day.” People around me must be thinking so. Well, I’m 27, and obviously, there have been the worst. 😉

It was very hard to talk things out because they didn’t look very happy. I couldn’t stay silent either.

I looked at their faces, & took one at a time.

“No” for the stick and broom.

“मैं नेपाल से हूं और आधार कार्ड नहीं बल्कि नेपाल का आईडी कार्ड सब है मेरे पास”

“नेपाल में” about where I’ve parked my bike. This got me involved in a little counter-arguments because he was telling me it is no man’s land.

I stood still looking at his face for the one who said, “.. तब तक यहां से हिलना नहीं मिलेगा”.

I knew they would say, “भागता कहां है बे” if I wanted to leave by myself. And also a series of commands asking me to clean up around. I stood still.

I don’t consider myself against keeping the environment clean, but that’s the work I knew I wasn’t going to get paid for. And, they didn’t even ask if I was interested to take the job. It was clear oppression. I felt horrible for two boys who were already sweeping there.

I was not representing just me. Looking around, I felt like, I’m representing every Nepali who will be crossing the border. And don’t call me a nationalist already! I just happened to be in a situation where I had to stand my ground in the right way.

I already had imagined the worst that could happen. Me getting on the headline of “The Kathmandu Post“, “Dinesh 27, shot at the India-Nepal border”. So, everything that was happening there was less.

And, also they were just border patrol officers, not a mob.

The time passed by. The situation calmed down a little bit. I have a lot of friends and family from India. So, I knew how kind-hearted they are. I have been with several Indians in several situations, so I felt that I could handle that.

They had spread out a little. The same person, who was handing me the broom, maybe their leader, shouted at me: “खड़े होकर देख क्या रहे हाे, साफ करने को बोला सुनाई नहीं दिया क्या?”

To be honest, I really wanted to see that area clean. I would have volunteered to clean it around. But, that would be ignoring the situation of oppression.

So, I shouted back: “एक प्लास्टिक भी अगर मैंने यहां पर गिराया हो तो, खुद ही वह उठाता, पर यहां पर जितना भी गंदगी है वह मैंने नहीं फैलाया है और यहां पर गिरा एक भी प्लास्टिक को मैं हाथ नहीं लगाऊंगा”

The other officer said, “ज्यादा बात मत करो चलो निकलो”.

I left.

After I reached home, and as I was driving around, I realized that they had punctured the tires already. Stupid me! I realized it after so long.

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